Tidalfire Exhibition

The time is getting nearer to the exhibition that I'll be having at Tidalfire in the centre of Edinburgh so I thought I'd give you all the details.

If you're not aware, Tidalfire are a web and technology training company specialising in Adobe products. Their premises on St Mary's Street have a reception area with bare walls at the front and an empty window display that they have invited artists to fill for two week periods. They call it the Window of Opportunity. On Monday, 22nd October 2012, I will be setting up my exhibition of photographs and hope people can make it in at some point to see them. Although it's worth checking out what Tidalfire have on offer, don't be shy on going in just to have a look at the images on show - they will welcome you with open arms.

The set of images I will be showing are of my favourite places in Edinburgh and all shot on various film cameras and black and white films ranging from pinhole cameras to infrared film. They will be available to buy directly through me and individually priced at the exhibition as well as on here for those who can't make it.

Thanks, and let me know what you thought of it.


  • Dates: 22 October to 5th November 2012
  • Location: Tidalfire Ltd, 42 St Mary's Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SX
  • Opening Times: Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm