Slide Film Revisited

It's been an interesting few months for me and this website - I took the notion after looking at different services available to me for a fee that I could design it myself. I fancied brushing up on my HTML knowledge and also learning how to use CSS so it was a good project to take on.

At Christmas I started shutting down other services that I didn't use or have a need for - 500px and Google+ went and Tumblr was a click away from following. I moved from Tumblr to Blogger in September but struggled to get it to do exactly what I was after and would often revert back to Tumblr which also didn't meet my needs. I spent the next few months jumping between the two unsatisfied so I finally set myself the challenge to learn what I needed in PHP and build my own blog in Wordpress.

The design is very simple, but it matches my simple website and I can vouch and understand every line of code for when things do go wrong. I'm glad it's done now though, it means I can build on this to get exactly what I want from it, but most of all I can get back to what this blog is all about - photography.

I bought a roll of Fujifilm Velvia 50 last year from Jessops and held on to it for a month or so, scared to use it because I knew I had to get my exposures spot on, but also because I paid so much for it (£17.00 for two rolls of film and one was Ilford Delta 100 at £6.99 if you're lucky). I bit the bullet and loaded it up in the Zenit-E just to make things exposure meter. I wanted to try out metering by eye and seeing what results I could get, negative film is known for being quite forgiving if your exposure isn't perfect but I didn't want that, I wanted to see how right or wrong I was. The results are about 50/50, but it was an interesting test and proved it can be done and in some cases better using a meter.

This is only the second roll of slide film I've ever shot - the last one was in my early days and was quite a mess. It certainly won't be my last though - very few rolls of film blow you away before you've even scanned them or seen the prints.


I've wanted to take a photo of this bingo hall for some time, it's very out of place from its surroundings and has such character about it. I originally saw it late at night but you could still make out the bright neons as the sun was going down when I passed it one afternoon.

I'm sure I was being watched by security as I hung around waiting on this ride to start up again, I'll admit I looked suspicious, but I got what I wanted in the end - albeit out of focus.


I really wanted to try this cliché shot whilst the fairground was in town over Christmas. I worked out the EV and bracketed at different shutter speeds. To be honest, none were terrible but a couple out of focus.