Up Close and Personal

Six months ago I read a post by Andrew Pearson of The Impassioned Eye about a project he had taken on called "Up Close and Personal". The project sounded terrifying but really appealed to me since it was completely the opposite of anything I had done and far outside my comfort zone. I wrote about how I would take this on myself but it soon slipped off my radar as I went on holidays and focused on other things.

I never stop thinking about it; the project has been niggling at me every time I pick up my camera so I tweeted on Friday about my intention to try once again go get it underway. The response has been fantastic, one to make sure this gets off the ground.

The idea is relatively simple though it differs from the original plan set out by Andrew:

  • Focusing locally in Edinburgh, taking a portrait of followers from various social networks like Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, etc. (generally I haven't met many of you).
  • The portrait will be taken at a location of the your choice. Some place you love and enjoy being.
  • The portrait will be taken on 35mm black and white film though I haven't decided on whether a 35mm or 50mm lens would be my choice. Either way I intend to have them quite close.
  • I'll be using natural light only, so consider that when choosing a place...indoors would ideally have good daylight coming in.

It's a bit of fun so if you want to take part then get in touch and we can make arrangements. I'm looking for it to start from the 1st October and run until I've exhausted the list of people who want to take part so you're guaranteed to be involved.

You can get in touch with me through Twitter or email iainkendall1980 [at] gmail [dot] com. if you've already expressed an interest then I'll be in touch.