Infrared Photography

I've watched a lot of people try out infrared photography recently and decided that I would quite like to give it a go myself. I had the location in mind and had bought the accessories I needed so headed out one Sunday morning to give it a try.

The day started off very promising but by the time I had reached Princes Street Gardens in the centre of the city the sun had disappeared and I was left with a very overcast day. I shot my film regardless to see what I could get but there just wasn't enough sun. Determined to try again, I set out the next morning back to Princes Street Gardens with much more success.

120 2012 Roll 012 F006

I got a couple of photographs that I really liked. This one above was one of my favourites with the dark and looming Castle in the background and the bright trees and grass. I also love how few people there are in this photograph which is quite common in my other work.

120 2012 Roll 012 F009_edited-2.jpg

With a few shots left on the roll, I headed back out the following weekend. The meadows in the south of Edinburgh has one of my favourite stretches of path - Coronation Walk - so I set up my camera and took a couple of shots. I am very happy with this one - the grass as white as snow, the dark path with sun patches from the trees, and dark tree bark - it's all there in equal measure.

If you're interested in the technical aspects then I used Ilford's SFX200 medium format film, which really isn't an infrared film but behaves like one. Coupled with a R72 filter and the results are far better than I had ever imagined getting. I was using my Bronica S2A with the film which is a temperamental camera to use but only adds to it's charm.

Let me know what you think. The one of Coronation Walk will be printed later this month for my exhibition in October so I'm looking forward to seeing it in it's full glory.