The Forth Railway Bridge

On Saturday night I set to take a few long exposures of the Forth Railway Bridge. I had tried a few weeks before during the day but it was ruled out with heavy fog so, keen to try again, I headed out with the Bronica at around midnight and spent a couple of hours shooting.

Forth Rail Bridge Shoot

Forth Rail Bridge Shoot

Night shooting is quite relaxing - no one is around so there is a silence in places that you wouldn't normally have it. South Queensferry is a great example of this - it's on the outskirts of Edinburgh and during the day it is a tourist hotspot to see the bridges, but at midnight it was silent apart from the water lapping on the shore and the odd train passing overhead.

120 2012 Roll 010 F005.jpg

In this particular scene the buildings to the left were causing terrible light  pollution and the boat was moving with the water. If you look next to the boat you will see white lines where a couple of swans were moving about.

120 2012 Roll 010 F004.jpg

I moved closer to the bridge, away from the buildings to see how that worked, and that has come out better. There was a slight cloud cover which has given the lighting a nice effect projecting upwards.

I jumped back in the car and went to Dalmeny railway station, the last railway station before the bridge and composed a beautiful shot of the station lit up and the track entering the bridge in the distance. Just as I was about to push the shutter all the lights went out at the station so I abandoned it and drove over the road bridge to North Queensferry. Here you can get really close to the bridge which I thought would help.

120 2012 Roll 010 F009.jpg

When I arrived in North Queensferry I was amazed at the moon - unlike a lot of night shooters on Twitter and Flickr, I was actually unaware of the "Super Moon" that night and it was nice added bonus. To capture it and the bridge I needed to get underneath it so I moved the car and mounted the tripod to the roof. Unable to see the viewfinder, I pointed in the general direction and took the shot. Sadly the light pollution was too great here for this photo to work but the added moon was welcome.

120 2012 Roll 010 F010.jpg

Back where I initially wanted to be, the moon was a little out of shot for the railway bridge with square format so I decided to take in the road bridge instead.

120 2012 Roll 010 F008.jpg

Back onto the main subject and I much preferred this view, I was up close and personal. During this exposure a small tug appeared from under the bridge and exited stage right - in the silence it was the last thing I expected.

Working with pinhole photography earlier this year sealed my love for long exposures - I enjoy the set up, the calculation and then the waiting. I enjoyed the peace and quiet too - if a little creepy at times - so I will do a lot more of it when I can.