Resolutions 2014

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope 2014 is a good one for you all. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with our son and shared his first festivities with family.


Another year and another set of resolutions. I've been making them since 2010 when I resolved to get back into a form of art, something that I had left behind in the late nineties. That was when photography raised it's head again. Since then I have made resolutions that tie into photography to direct what I'm doing, except for last year when becoming a Father seemed like a big enough challenge to set myself. 2014 is here now and I've been thinking lots about what I want to achieve in photography.


Looking at 2013, my first resolution has to be to shoot more - it might seem like a simple resolution but, outside of my DSLR, I really didn't shoot much at all. I made a large format pinhole camera but never really experimented with it, I was out in the field with the Bronica medium format camera but the majority of those rolls still lie undeveloped, and I made cameras to create solargraphs which I have just had the results back from. I need to get these cameras out and working, and make sure the film is developed.

What I never shot a lot of last year was 35mm. I was put off after using my Nikon F60 last Christmas and then again during our trip to London. This demand has now passed since I have a DSLR so I'm going to take my favourite 35mm camera - the Pentax SP500 - and my favourite film stock - Ilford Delta 100 - and start carrying it around in my bag as well as capturing my family.


Next up, I want to print more. Nearly two years ago I searched Gumtree looking for an enlarger that I could use to print at home. Eventually I found what I was looking for and after a 150 mile roadtrip to north of Aberdeen, I had what I wanted and lots, lots more. For the small sum of £40 I had a 75% of a darkroom and a plethora of photography books. Scouting eBay got me the rest of what I needed and I was ready to go. What I soon found was that setting up a temporary darkroom is quite a task and it took me a few attempts to get it down to a reasonable time. The truth is, it was a hassle to do and maybe one day I will be able set it all up permanently in my house.

At Christmas I decided to make a print for my wife and used my local darkroom, Stills, instead. This proved to be a quicker and far more productive time in the darkroom and I would like to do more of it.

So those are my resolutions for 2014 - shoot and print. As I said, they may seem like simple resolutions but I really want to get back into the flow of creating images and that doesn't need to be complicated

Let me know your resolutions.



Festive Shooting

It's been far too long since I stocked up on film properly, the last time was for our trip to Edinburgh Airport last Christmas. I say Edinburgh Airport because our flight to Paris was cancelled due to snow and we took the saddest bus trip back to the house (we made it in April finally). Since then I've only bought a handful of rolls at a time.



With Christmas offers floating around I decided to take advantage of a few starting with Lomography. Lomography were responsible for the batch of Ilford Delta 100 above with their Christmas offer of 23% off and free delivery on spends over £25. The thing with Lomography is that the more you spend, the more you save so I bought 5 x 35mm and 5 x 120mm. If I'm honest, I've never been a fan of the Lomography brand but this has opened my eyes to them quite a bit - there is no denying their support for film photography.

I also bought 5 x Kodak Portra 400 from a regular supplier on eBay. This wasn't an offer but the spending bug had caught on and it seems a good opportunity to try out this legendary film to capture those indoor, around the table moments with the Trip 35 in it's first social occasion with decent film - I can't wait to use it.

I would have liked to pick up some pack film for the Polaroid but I'm going to leave that until the new year now and when I get the bellows sorted out - they have a gapping hole in the bottom where the join on the bellows has dried out.

Holgarama posted a tweet asking if anyone needed parts for their Holga, they were cleaning out their parts bin so I managed to get a shutter release kit and wide angle lens for £12. I can't wait to get the Holga going again though it is unlikely to be over the festivities.

So that is what I'm shooting, what are you shooting over the festivities?

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!