A Room with a View

Returning to a location is always a good thing - you can see how the light behaves at the different times of the day or year and you'll almost always find something different. I return to many places across Edinburgh to try a different angle or technique. A favourite is definitely Stockbridge in Edinburgh where I will return to the market archway or Royal Circus Lane.

What I am showing here is a little easier for me though - it's my living room window. I am lucky enough to live in Edinburgh with stunning views of Arthur's Seat, Salisbury Crags, and Calton Hill. Since getting my DSLR, these views have become a favourite to return to on those quiet moments when something catches my eye.

This is one of the first I took when I was given a lens by my Dad. It was the clouds that grabbed my attention and how they almost match the shape of the trees.

The first silhouette of Calton Hill I took and what I regularly return to. It was taken during a stormy period which broke for a lovely sunset.

I had actually spotted a similar scene to this before but my camera was nowhere to hand. Since then I had been watching for the moon to be in a similar position at sunset. It was worth the wait.


Sometimes a sunset will amaze you - how can the sky be so different each time the sun sets?That is why I enjoy capturing it, made better by a lovely foreground.


From time to time I will focus on Salisbury Crags. It wasn't until I downloaded this photo from my camera that I noticed a lone figure standing on the edge of the crags taking in the same sunset.

Believe it or not, but this was taken a few moments after the previous one and shows how quickly a sky can change.

At New Year we get an incredible view of the fireworks that are launched from Edinburgh Castle directly behind Calton Hill. This again is a wonderful framing.

There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to shoot this view until the day we no longer live here. It's one of my favourite views of Edinburgh and I'm lucky enough to have it from my living room window.

Autumn is Here

Autumn is most definitely here then. It seems that we went from a few leaves on the ground to a sharp dip in temperature and piles of leaves in no time at all. It's my favourite time of year - the injection of colour into all the trees never fails to take my breath away. It's also the last time in the year when colour photography pays dividends and it's always worth carrying your camera with you.

This week I have spent a lot of time along the Water of Leith near Stockbridge. It's a very peaceful place to be which is odd really as it is in the heart of the city, but that is Edinburgh for you. A few days this week I have set off with my DSLR and tried to capture the autumn colours and low sun peeking through trees. It's early days yet for the colours but it made me quite excited about the weeks to come. Colour film and I don't get along (something I will talk about in the future) but this week has inspired me to capture the peak of the autumn colour on a vivid colour film. Maybe we can rekindle our relationship.

I also spent a lot of time playing with black and white on my DSLR. I am looking to buy the next size up in colour filters for one of my cameras and decided to experiment with what I have on the DSLR to see which are essential. This didn't go so well and only made me determined to crack the problem of using them on a digital medium rather than film. With film I know where I am at - I know how the film will react to the filters and the result I will get. With digital, however, there are so many automatic options that are trying to correct what the filters are doing that I ended up trying to solve it rather than decide on what to get.

So this week we have lot of autumn colour, low sun, and black and white filter nonsense. I hope you enjoy.


Weekly Roundup: An introduction

I've been thinking a lot recently about how I share the photographs that I make online. There are so many social networks all grasping for a piece of you these days that it's hard to remember what you joined them for and what you're trying to get across with them.

Social networks, especially of a creative nature, are a wonderful thing. We can connect with various like-minded people and those who just appreciate art. But the more we join, the more demand we put on ourselves to give them content. I have never liked duplication across social networks - linking a post from one to another with the same content. I won't lie...I've done it but every part of me has disliked it. Creating fresh new content for each of them is equally difficult and you can spread yourself thin and not really commit to any of them. I have tried recently to remain focused on what I believe each social network has to offer and that has worked well but I still struggle to justify my commitment to them.

If you have followed my work from the beginning, I started on Tumblr and posted on it for a few years before finally moving to my own website. I never closed my Tumblr account though, mainly because it has some very talented people on it and to follow their work is a joy. That said, I have also tried to restart posting to it on more than one occasion but I was soon gripped by the duplication since I was also uploading to Flickr.

So with all this whirling around in my mind, I have decided to simplify and cut the ties I no longer need. Tumblr and Flickr. I will no longer be actively posting to these sites and I'm going to refocus on my website. This leads to a new idea which I'm going to trial - Weekly Roundup. To get me out with all my cameras more, I will be rounding up four or five of my favourite images that I have made - be them film or digital, iPhone or large format - from the week and I'll start with this post which is a summary of September.

I hope you enjoy!

Evening Moon - Edinburgh

Evening Moon - Edinburgh

Noah on the move - The Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Noah on the move - The Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Rooftops to St Peter's - Rome, Italy

Rooftops to St Peter's - Rome, Italy

Noah at 14 months

Noah at 14 months

Castel Sant'Angelo - Rome, Italy

Castel Sant'Angelo - Rome, Italy