At Home with The Fletchers

Last month I was invited to photograph the Fletchers in their home. It was a special shoot as I have known Mark and Rebecca for a long time - Rebecca almost as long as my wife, when they met each other in the University Halls of Residence car park, both overwhelmed at the massive change in their lives and the adventure ahead. A lot has happened since then and, after adventures in London for the Fletchers, we now - unintentionally live a couple of miles apart with our now husbands, wives, and children. It's pretty ideal.

I joined these guys at a very special time in their lives - they were all but finished their house renovations and extension, a two year project that started as soon as they moved in. They finally had their dream home. Alex who was just about to start school - a fact I can't quite believe myself, and Oliver (Ollie) who in no time at all had gone from a very smiley baby, to a very smiley toddler filled with independence. It was a honour to be invited into this moment.

20170812 - 10-29-16 - 131.JPG
20170812 - 10-26-02 - 112.JPG
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