Back in October when we visited Berlin, I took two cameras with me - my Nikon DSLR and my Bronica. It was nice just having the two compared to some trips but that Bronica doesn't get any lighter. Regardless I put a roll of film through it with a patient family standing close by along the way.

Our first stop was the holocaust memorial.  I had a very simple idea of what expect from photographs online but nothing really captures what it was like. What hit me straight away was the vast ground it covered for being in a city - from the edge of the memorial where we stood it seemed to go on for as far as I could see. I set off with my cameras into the memorial leaving my wife - who had see this before - to look after our boy who was getting hungry.

Standing within the memorial was massively uncomfortable. The stones that had stood at ankle height were now soaring overhead. It was an incredible place to be and think - the close stones brought an eerie quietness from the busy city outside. I had mentioned in my previous post about Berlin that it is uncommon to be in a city that's history really does focus within the last 100 years, some within my lifetime. I'll never forget it.