Points Make Prizes

I've been a bit quiet recently - on here, Twitter to a degree, and definitely on Flickr - but there have been things happening in the background that I thought I would let you all in on.

Firstly, the group exhibition in May - "Two Cities" - had a prize giving night where a panel decided which photos were the best of the bunch for a handful of categories. The prizes were divided into "winner" and two "commended" slots for each category and then there was a "Viewers Choice" which was voted for through the week by visitors. If you missed the theme of the show then it was to display two photographs of Edinburgh with contrasting views of the city.

Two Cities Prizes

Two Cities Prizes

I was delighted to win two "commended" prizes on the night - one for best photograph with "The National Monument" and one for best photographs that matched the theme. For me, these were two main categories - they showed your ability as a photographer and that you can curate your work adequately enough to a theme.

2012-06-06 18.53.10 HDR.jpg

Shortly after the exhibition in May I heard that The Edinburgh Sketcher, Mark Kirkham, was displaying his work at Tidalfire in Edinburgh. Tidalfire are not a gallery but a training company that specialise in Adobe products, design and coding languages. Inside their shop on St. Mary's Street (just off the Royal Mile/Canongate) they have blank walls and an empty window so they created "WoO" - the Window of Opportunity. Artists can use the space to display their work for two weeks using the walls inside and the window display. It's an opportunity I want to be part of so I will be displaying my photography there from the 22nd October until the 5th November 2012. I'll post more details as I have them.

Friends and family have been very supportive over the last year or so by promoting my work, but I also love the honesty when you need to hear it most. "Iain, you need to get some new photographs up" said Matt, my brother-in-law, and he is absolutely right. I've been shooting quite a lot over the summer, experimenting with different techniques and formats so I have a lot of black and white film still to be processed which I hope to have done soon. The summer months have had me on holiday quite a few times with my wife including visits to Bath, The Highlands, and Venice where I have shot a lot of colour film for a change. With all that I'll have plenty of photos to be sharing with you all soon.