Two Cities Photography Exhibition

Last week I submitted two pieces of work to be shown at the YMCA in Edinburgh as part of an exhibition called Two Cities. It's the first time I have put my work on show outside of the internet and it felt like the perfect exhibition to take part in to get me started.

The idea was a simple one: one piece being a classic view of Edinburgh and one that is more hidden. I looked at my favourite shots of Edinburgh and knew what Classic Edinburgh" shot I was going to use straight away - I took a pinhole of the National Monument back in January and I was very proud of it. The "Hidden Edinburgh" was a different story, I pondered this one for a while constantly aware that I would need to have it printed soon. What angle do you go for? Urban decay? It's been done so much and in better ways that I have. In the end I stayed with what I enjoy shooting most in the City and that is the Georgian New Town and that includes a small lane that runs behind the grand houses of Royal Circus - Royal Circus Lane. I took this photo in February 2011 (the same day I took the photo of "BERNIE the Bingo Machine") and I was very pleased with it.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 9th June 2012 until Sunday 17th June 2012 and I'll be heading along for the first time tomorrow night for a look at what the others have put together, it would be good to see you there.