(A Kind Gesture of) Distant December Honesty

I was recently asked by a talented local poet if he could accompany his poem with one of my photographs. Last year he’d taken a walk up Calton Hill during the heavy snow we had and was inspired to write this poem. Around the same time I had also walked up and had taken photos of the scene from the top. When I read the poem, there was no question; it reminds me of the day I took these photographs and how I felt once reaching the top.


(A Kind Gesture of) Distant December Honesty

by A. Waddell

Through snow, we talk.
Your soft and often sullen voice
soaks into my feet.
Now then, now there.
We groan in mild despair.

The Crags ragged as ever,
black on white.
The National Monument towering solid
despite growing bitter ache.

Like a “trippy cloud” you say,
the snow from the East
dissipates the grey of the city.
But in my sight, two bright blue lochs;
a kind gesture of distant December honesty.

I turn and smile at the city lulled.

Our chancy canter
gathers speed on the way down
not from momentum but
the proposal of a pint
and ease of unravelling tales.

Not long and an aura of heat
cushions our chilled skin.
Soft leather,
polished mahogany
and posters.
I remove scarf and jacket
and sit.
Sip sip to sup
we drink.

We chat,
watching wisps of winter
form on the window,
listening to passing hearts
muffled by the slush of Scottish spine.

If you would to read more of Alan’s poems then you can visit his blog at www.waddellpoetry.com.