Our day at Volksfling 2017

If you have been following my Instagram Stories at all, you will know that I recently confessed to having a problem with "bookmarking" classic VW Beetles on Instagram. It's very real and quite addicting. This addiction is my Dad's fault because, for as long as I can remember, Beetles have been in my life. My parents first and second cars were Beetles and once those cars were gone, my Dad's love for them remained and eventually I loved them too.

At 18 years old, when my friends were running around in hot hatches, I bought my own Beetle. You don't need to know anything about these cars to know one thing about mine - it was rotten. I loved it...but it had rust crumbling off every corner and wasn't reliable or easy on the wallet. I once broke down on a busy roundabout coming out of Aberdeen because the fuel gauge was telling me I had fuel when I definitely didn't. It eventually ended up in a scrap yard and my experience of owning a Beetle came to an end. Instead, my Dad and I attended VW car shows each year and dreamed of the cars we would like to have.


All these years later, we still take time out of May and come together to spend a day at Volksfling in Biggar. We admire the cars, talk about what we like and don't like, and take pictures as we go. It's a time where it is just the two of us and two passions we have always shared - Beetles and photography. Last year we even took my son who quite enjoyed seeing all the cars and got to sit in different ones thanks to the kind owners there.

It's a great show to go to, and it amazes me how you can go year on year and never see some of the cars twice. Here are a few of my favourites this year.


20170527 - 11-44-11 - 31-Edit.JPG
20170527 - 11-45-11 - 36.JPG
20170527 - 12-09-41 - 53.JPG
20170527 - 11-49-27 - 40.JPG
20170527 - 11-50-20 - 43.JPG
20170527 - 11-50-22 - 44.JPG
20170527 - 11-51-29 - 48.JPG
20170527 - 11-52-07 - 49.JPG
20170527 - 12-32-48 - 69.JPG
20170527 - 12-25-00 - 61.JPG
20170527 - 12-25-20 - 63.JPG
20170527 - 12-25-28 - 64.JPG
20170527 - 12-25-49 - 65.JPG

At Home with The Fletchers

Last month I was invited to photograph the Fletchers in their home. I joined these guys at a very special time in their lives - they were all but finished their house renovations and extension, a two year project that started as soon as they moved in. They finally have their dream home. Alex who was just about to start school, and Oliver (Ollie) who in no time at all had gone from a very smiley baby, to a very smiley toddler filled with independence. It was a honour to be invited into this moment.

20170812 - 10-29-16 - 131.JPG
20170812 - 10-26-02 - 112.JPG
20170812 - 10-36-11 - 141.JPG
20170812 - 10-48-16 - 180.JPG
20170812 - 10-49-11 - 187.JPG
20170812 - 10-46-56 - 174.JPG
20170812 - 10-54-21 - 203.JPG
20170812 - 10-55-38 - 224.JPG
20170812 - 10-59-00 - 268.JPG

Another year older

Last week our boy turned four years old. That information alone can take my breath away at how fast he is growing - finding his own voice in the world and understanding and learning more and more. The conversations we have in a day are testament to this - the human skeleton, how the heart works, and what veins are for. There is also what "back it up" means in the song "I Like to Move It! by Will.i.am (of course we all know it was actually Reel 2 Real) which I obviously lied about.

Last year, we moved into our new house and the entry date pivoted on his birthday. We planned to have a birthday party as soon as we moved in but that didn't happen as we were delayed by two months. This year we put that plan into action and held two parties in one day - kids in the morning, and adults in the afternoon. My sister-in-law pulled out some unknown face painting talent which everyone seemed to benefit from...except me who had Boy Wonder paint it - there are no pictures of that thankfully.

A few days later it was Mrs K's turn and we had a far smaller gathering with family for breakfast before enjoying a day just the three of us. I posted on Instagram about the cake from The Sicilian Pastry Shop and it is worth a look. The fruit gateau is one of her favourites but it never made it to the gathering in one piece...it was so close though.

20170730 - 10-45-31 - 10.JPG

Clare, Davie, and Orlaith at Hopetoun House

Clare, Davie, their gorgeous daughter Orlaith, and I met at Hopetoun House for a planned family photo session. Typically, the weather was unpredictable - with a forecast to be cloudy all day, but what turned out to be a scorcher of a day. I think we all left, both, a little redder than we had intended, and very sceptical of the iPhone weather app.

It was my first time walking around the grounds of Hopetoun House and I was pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful they were and hope much time we spent there. It was a delight. I would recommend them to anyone.

20170617 - 11-59-25 - 337.JPG
20170617 - 12-07-06 - 363.JPG